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Our Mission is to have an impact by contributing to bringing power, water, and sanitation to populations in need. We commit to use state of the art and most competitive technologies that contribute to the fight against climate change. We strive with dedication and passion for a better world.


Oversee has an extensive network of funding sources, including private equity, impact and developmental investors able to invest a combination of equity, debt and grant funding.

Our services to Investees:

We assist individuals, corporate clients and public bodies achieve their goals by attracting investment funds.

This service includes helping investees think about their capital requirements strategically, assisting them to become “investment ready” in order to raise capital quicker, on most appropriate terms, with the most appropriate structure and from investors most matched with them.

Our service to Investors:

We provide credible investment opportunities contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Services to Investees:

  • Building a fundraising plan
  • Reviewing and creating fundraising documentation (business plans, teasers and investment presentations, financial models, investment memorandums)
  • Identifying and pitching investors, lenders and grant providers that may be interested in the opportunity
  • Applying for equity, debt and grant funding
  • Managing multiple interested debt and equity investors
  • Preparing for due diligence, including structuring a data room
  • Reviewing terms sheets and progressing an investor to completion

Services to governments and public entities:

  • Help define and set up strategic action plans
  • Help develop public policies
  • Assist access to international capital markets
  • Structure Value for Money & Value for People
  • Assist on technical, financial, legal and sustainability matters
  • Set up successful Public-Private Partnerships to fulfill infrastructure needs
  • Deliver renewable energy and sustainable development projects
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